Interior Art Works

Art is fast becoming recognized as an essential component of a modern home, with influencers and interior designers. If you speak to almost any interior designer about the importance of art in the home, you’ll be met with a resounding, excited flurry about the inspiration it provides, the way it lifts a space, or the joy that comes with sourcing works from around the world. Hanging art is one of the simplest ways to give your home character. Artwork has the ability to set the tone of a room and evoke a special memory, yet choosing the perfect piece and displaying it correctly is an art in itself. From classic investment pieces to contemporary street art, whatever your style ‘’Rangsaaji’’ explores how you can make art work for your space… When buying art for your home, it’s important to consider the color scheme of the room it will be hung in. The colors in the piece should complement those in the room to promote harmony and fluidity within the space.

Interior Artworks Portfolio Rangsaaji

This painting is a mix media painting with soothing and contrast combination. grey colored background is used to balance the red contrast color of leaves. The size of this painting is 6ft in width and 22ft in height. An embossed texture is given in all the leaves to make it attractive and it also gives  the feel of real  leaves.


This half face buddha painting of size 15ft in height and 5ft in width is an acrylic painting. The colour scheme is antique bronze with golden and dark brown matching along with the interior. This huge double height  painting is installed in the living area of a residence.


The three panels of acrylic textured painting with warm colours completely matching with the interior is placed above the sofa in drawing room. Its size is 18”x36” each. A thick texture is used in the painting to make it different from a simple 2d painting.

This is a double height painting of size 10.5ftx2.5ft. This is acrylic painting on canvas placed in dinning area  in a residence. This  cityscape painting  is made by using paynes grey colour and sepia tone is given in some parts, there are also reflections on the floor due to rain.


The Buddha painting liked by many people was made for a residential site in bilaspur city of chattisgarh. This acrylic painting of total size 5ftx3ft has three pannels. The centre pannel is 3x3ft having beautiful  Buddha face supported by two textured  abstract pannels on each side of size 3x1ft


This painting is installed in girl’s room of a residence. Neon pink is especially used with the textures in this semi abstract painting. The size is 21”x23” each panel.

This 9×9 ft canvas painting is abstract painting with textures and theme based on Emphasis interiors. This is complete backwall of executive desk. The colours are warm and soothing  and a small portion blue colour is added to  the base.


painting is installed in master bedroom of a residence. A textured multicolour landscape is made with its reflection  to highlight the bedroom. The whole interior is done in contemporary theme and only the painting is multicoloured.. The size of painting is 6×4 ft.


This is a conceptual painting for a builder’s office conference room. It is 7x7ft in size. In this painting, the brain part of the face is shown as the buildings and landscaping.It represents the mind and mental state of a builder that he always thinks and plan for its works.